Wednesday, 8 August 2012

August: 31 days of gratitude

August is my birth month, and I had planned to do some documentation of my everyday. How can make my last 30 days before turning 19? How can I make each day productive?

So my aim for the month is:            

1. to accomplish my birthday wish list (I'll share my wish list with you too....I'll find time to post it :]...)

2. to at least do/make something new each day 

3. to do something good to others :D (I'll do my best here!)

4. to have something to be thankful of daily 

So this blog was supposed to be posted last August 1, but due to no internet connection and my hospital duty days, everything was postoned. :/
Now let's start!


fallen leaves and twigs are all over the place...and cold rain water rushing into our toes grrr..
Typhoon Gener was travelling across the northern part of the Philippines (which was our place) that brought us heavy rains and strong winds. Classes were suspended and now have nothing to do in the dormitory. It was just a whole day movie marathon in our room.....seems like a net shop haha. The next day where classes were still suspended, I, together with my roommates, planned to go outdoors and eat ramen. 

my roommate Wendy
As I opened the ref in the store, I got amazed seeing a Starbucks frapuccino in a bottle FOR THE FIRST TIME hehe (igno..)
Starbucks frapuccino in a bottle!

MISTER! -this means really hot and spicy
buhaghag hair days?? :]
Jing, Dana, Nice (L to R)

me, Ming, May, Wendy

First try of Soju!


For me, it was just fine, tastes like GSM blue but not as strong as it is :]

Last, sandwiched vanilla ice cream! (I don't know the right name :])

And that's it for the first day! Hope you liked it and I'll keep you posted for my next days of turning 19!
thanks much!

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