Sunday, 19 August 2012

Hundred Folds

DAY 10

Friday...still having duty then. It had been another toxic day for us....then something happened- at ako ang involved. Hmmmm hayun, after napagsabihan, initially, i was very startled like i don't even know what to do next. :(
Well i can say that I had managed my feelings well until the end of our shift (i tried to set those aside first) :/
At least, naging ayos na rin kami before we all went home. :D
(She is very nice!)

LESSON: dapat marunong makiramdam. It may be the usual thing that we are doing, but we might not know....others are getting offended already. :D Tama ba??

Another thing that had happened that day....
sabi nga nila, "if you give one, a hundred folds comes back" (something like that)
so diba nga, that not so good thing happened to me earlier that day....then kinahapunan nun, somebody came into the ward asking to take his blood pressure, and i attended to him...
while taking his BP, something was running in my mind that the guy might be a rich person then he would give me reward for the kind act haha. (parang sa tv lang??)
so, i attended to him twice and asked my groupmate to take his BP too. After that, when he's about to leave, he gave both of us 1 small notebook each (which i am really needing that time.) Mine was bigger compared to Cath's hehe. :D
THANK YOU SIR! (had no chance to know his name :/)

just got amazed after that incident. Kaya siguro nagpaparamdam sakin (the one that i was thinking about the guy.)

See, expect the unexpected. :D

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