Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Business or Schooling??

DAY 21!

ahmmm....that day, a business proposal was presented to me by a friend.
a lot of business are being offered here in Baguio, like left and right, they're everywhere!
But the one one im talking about is quite convincing for me. Products good. System is good. And money is great! :D

Well, i really got so confused that time. Was that an opportunity for me for a bigger business venture or just a test on myself-- decision making. Because that time, im fixed with my priorities!
I don't know which is which!
I really want business but it came in a bad timing :(  huhu (sayang lang tsk tsk), i declined the offer. :(

But I've thought of joining that business when i've graduated already haha.
___trudis  :]

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