Saturday, 30 June 2012

Student's diary

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shoulder bag from Bangkok
leather jacket from Garage
inside top from a thrift shop :]

Shoes from Gibi
Another day at school! It's just so cold so I planned to wear my fave & only leather motorcycle-style jacket (thanks to my lovely sisters!)

First 2 weeks of my hospital duty- DONE! Whew...what a relief. Sad part- I still have the sanction for waking up late- arriving late.
Let's do this student nurses (Louisians!) :] 

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

cold windy night

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Just got home from the city. Since it's quite cold and windy outside, I grabbed a long colorful scarf to make the outfit better and outstanding! (^.^)

This is one of my favorite scarves. I love its prints & colors! I actually just bought it in what we call ukay-ukay in its cheapest price.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Father's Day!

Richard Sr. & Jr. :]
(father & son bonding) 
Hi! Now is already two days after Father’s day, but still, I’m going to share with you how I and my family spent the entire Father’s day! Thank God that it was a sunny day despite the bad weather prediction because of the storm. Since it’s father’s day today, I’m in charge of the steering wheel, YES! From our place in Philex Mines to Baguio city, we travelled nearly an hour and that’s an achievement  for me! :]   from my previous record of 2-hour drive (my parents might get mad after knowing this hihi). 

Upon arrival in Baguio, we had our breakfast at Citylight Hotel- buffet style!

my brother

my mother

Papa (agent K is that you?  -MIB3) hehe

Attended holy Mass at Baguio Cathedral then we're off to SM and it’s lunch time again!

It’s Mini Shabu Shabu and it’s steaming in our place! This makes me perspire, cooking our own choice of shabu shabu. Noodles, balls, seafood, greens, corn, mushroom, beef strips in a chicken broth...and voila! What a very fun lunchtime!

Next is to movie house, yet it seems that father doesn’t want  to watch Kimmy Dora                     (so it’s 1 vs 3). Okay okay....SPECIAL FORCES.

After viewing it, WOW! It’s a touching movie. It fitted for the day’s event. The movie is about a rescue operation for a journalist kidnapped in Afghanistan. Every soldier is a hero doing everything they could just for the journalist to survive and be back to her place. 


Oh I’m proud to say that everything was my treat.....just for them! :]
Happy Father’s day to you Pa! 
Yesterday. Today. Everyday.

I love you and I’m so proud of you! (same with you Ma!) :] 

But of course, my outfit for the day!
A sheer top- Kamiseta, black jeans, brown wood wedges- Fossil

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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Hello everyone! How was your summer? Well for me, the two-week vacation was spend well as I, together with my family, had a trip in Subic and the rest of the days were the start of my bloggin' days. So it's June! which only means that it's the start of classes...once again.
Well here, I want to share with you what I had decided to wear on the first day of classes!
Of course, first day of classes only means----new stuff for school! Like notebooks, pens, bags, clothes, pair of shoes...anything! This reminds how I was in my elementary years, and indeed makes me laugh up to this time! :D
Stuff like I or maybe even you tend to patiently wait for the first day of classes/ birthday/ the first day of class after Christmas to wear the new shoes that my parents bought me last time. Ridiculous yet cute! :]
Also, let's not forget--- new classmates! Wherein some preparation is also needed haha. :D

Blazer- Maldita; Fringe; Bag- Steve Madden; Flats- Bayo

I chose to wear wear my new fringe necklace I bought online. It adds something more out of a simple tank+jeans outfit. Also, to keep me warm....a blazer on go.
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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Hello! These are my looks I first posted on Lookbook. I just started posting last summer after getting so inspired & motivated by my favorite fashion bloggers- Laurene Uy, Danika Rio Navarro, Cheyser Pedregosa, and many more! Have fun and hope you like it! You can HYPE my looks too on! :D




Saturday, 2 June 2012

What seemed to be Real

Hi! I am Christine or Tin/ Tinay/ Trudis or Truday for short, an 18 year old student from the beautiful mountains of Benguet (Baguio city), Philippines- the "Summer Capital of Phil.," as what most people are familiar of. I actually grew up in the community of Philex Mines which is an hour ride from the city of Baguio. It was here where I studied from Kindergarten up to High school. It was an enjoyable childhood life for me living with simple people in this plain environment. Yet, I have to go to the city for college at SLU, meaning, new people, new surroundings, and even new way of life. Day after day, I got more curious on other's personalities and ways of living. Surfing the net actually had provided me answers to all my questions. Got amazed, and so, I had them to be my inspiration!

"I know there's something MORE than this. I just have to find where it is." :]  
"THINK BIG! Why just be a nurse if you know you can have your own hospital." from an old colleague 
"Why settle for LESS, when you can have the BEST!"  
 So much like a dreamer? I don’t think so, for I understand that what differentiates a dream from an achievement is the ACTION.  Make a step in order to get there.

My very first greatest ambition is to be a professional photographer. Seemed like I've developed an eye to see the beauty of light as I had also been exposed to photojournalism in my high school years.

I've been reading a photography book lately, unfortunately, still not done with it up to this time. I also read articles and watch videos if I have time, but how I wish, I could get to know someone who is indeed learned on such.

 Moreover, I got fond of reading and browsing magazines, especially Candy mag, and because of this, I was motivated of trying something new- to be more expressive through fashion and blogging. :]