Wednesday, 29 August 2012

got Stuck

Today, nothing else to do but to be glued on my chair in front of my study table to stare some papers with written letters.
Review time. :]

...bagong buhay na talaga toh!


DAY 25!

Tiring Day!
= workout + laundry blog blog :D

For the Pers Taym

DAY 24!

Good weather today!
sunny and breezy!

GOOD thing: First time for mama to let me drive all the way home to Philex.
And, she even stayed in the backseat! :D
IT JUST FEELS SO DIFFERENT feeling that you are driving on your own. :D))))))))

Only Day (part2)

DAY 23!, let's continue the story....

Good thing I woke early and i had decided to finish our report in a net shop...
While i was editing, they announced that there will be a blackout that day from 9am to 6pm! Oh my! no chance at all... (kung sineswerte ka nga naman tsk!)
So i have to hurry then because I only have an hour left to do it.
Of course i didn't finish it.....well at least there's electricity in the campus and there we continued.

After lunch, I went home to Philex haha (vacation again...)
*Thanks for staying with me the whole time....reading my blog! :D
till next time!

Only Day

DAY 22!

Wednesday- only day with classes for me...for the whole week, since Monday & tues are holidays and ThFS are my off duty days.

After a 7am to 7pm class, a homework was assigned to me and is due the next day morning. I forgot that I don't have my laptop in the dorm...and that there is sooOoo SLooOOoow internet connection in such dorm.
Upon arriving at the dorm, i immediately borrowed my roommate's laptop to download a file.
My god! I waited for how many HOURS (8pm to 1am), used 2 different laptops & a desktop just download a single file, but what?? NOthing happened!
...until i already fell asleep. :(
(sad & mad)
*to be continued...

Business or Schooling??

DAY 21!

ahmmm....that day, a business proposal was presented to me by a friend.
a lot of business are being offered here in Baguio, like left and right, they're everywhere!
But the one one im talking about is quite convincing for me. Products good. System is good. And money is great! :D

Well, i really got so confused that time. Was that an opportunity for me for a bigger business venture or just a test on myself-- decision making. Because that time, im fixed with my priorities!
I don't know which is which!
I really want business but it came in a bad timing :(  huhu (sayang lang tsk tsk), i declined the offer. :(

But I've thought of joining that business when i've graduated already haha.
___trudis  :]

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Young, Wild & Free

DAY 20!

This day was the celebration of my friend's birthday, Janika Robles.
Initially, I thought that I wouldn't be able to come because I still came from Philex which is an hour away from Baguio city & that my mother didn't allow me at first. Also, it was already late in the afternoon that's why it had been unsure if I would be able to go....(no jeepney)
But then, I  tried my best, explained to mother why I really wanted to go (naka-empake't nakabihis na ko't lahat-lahat habang di pa sigurado kung papayagan ba ko o hindi)
Added to it is my conscience getting bothered if I wont be able to. Lagot ako ky Nika.

.....but then, pinayagan nya din lang ako. :]

Upon arriving to the city, I headed first to the dorm to recharge my cam then off to Max's @ Sm.
There I saw that they're already complete...almost complete.

Darvin, Louie, Kisha, Justine, Charlotte, Janika, Novel, and Bryan 

starting at the Malunggay soup

yeeeh! the birthday girl! 

happy birthday to you....happy birthday to you...

choco boobies...haha

yay! nakahabol si Rhoebe

all girls

Kisha, Rhoebe, Charlotte, Janika, Novel, me

all boys

Bryan, Darvin, Louie, Justine
 Photo shoot while waiting for take-out...

sorry for the blurred photos :/

the loveteam LouCha! haha

red team or the managers of Max's?

"kaw rin mag-hug sakin" haha

partners talaga!


Next stop, at Picture City. We had few shots FOR FREE courtesy of Max's! :D

at the studio

Let's have some cash on hand since it will be a long night for us! :]

While waiting for the photos....MORE!

Boobie jump shot!


BAH! haha
So tapos na sa SM....
yaw pa namin umuwi eh kaya bar hopping na yan!
the boys went home na....dami daw sila requirements to do...

cocktails @ Padis Point

di pa kami ganung katagal na nkaupo, napansin kami ng mga singers.
guy singer: "...anong event? Birthday, anniversary....ano??"
us: (kruuu kruuu- no answer)
guy singer: "o mapera lang?"  "mapera lang noh??"
hahaha like! sang-ayon nalang kami hehe
yaw ipasabi ni Nika eh, baka mapag-tripan :]

Dance like crazy! haha

playing with the lights

lights on the floor

Ssshh! ninja moves. pulutan under cover haha

girl singer: "may song request ba kayo?"
ladies:  "perfect two!"
girl singer: "huh? pekpek two? Wala kami nun eh. Pekpek one, gusto nyo??"
hahaha like!

sa isa table ulit....
girl singer: "seeer! (sir)"   "ay gwapo! gwapo! kuya ilang taon ka na?"
boy: "bente" (20 y/o)
girl singer: "huh ben ten??"

haha adik lang...

Dahil wala pa sa aming inaantok at bar!
Dumaan kami sa Alberto's pero naki-ihi lang haha, wala din kasing tao
kaya Purple na yan..!

my first time here and maganda naman....American style, parang house party lang, ganda pa ng mga kanta. :D
dito talaga masasabing, YOUNG, WILD and FREE! 

Whoo! natapos din. Grabe! sobrang saya! I missed those happy midnights. haha

Friends + Friends + Friends = Happiness!

*sana ganto din kasaya ang b-day ko :/