Friday, 27 July 2012

Leisure time

Yeah! exam week is all done and it's party time!
I had a good sleep last night, restoring those sleepless times. And it's again our midterms for the semester. Time is just passing so fast...  

Here is my brother, Richard jr., whom it caught in our room taking pictures of himself. He's wearing these eyeglasses and helmet of my father. When I asked him of what he was doing, he answered, "the 1959 formula one drivers." He is a 14 year old autistic child actually, yet he's just so amazing for me. He really is into of whatever he wants, just like racing. He has photos of SBK racing, formula one, MotoGP, and a lot more! How I wish that he could watch a race or maybe even drive one.  :)

"1959 F1 drivers"
Speaking of racing......SPORTS, good luck to all athletes most especially the Filipino athletes in the 2012 Olympics in London! :)

*i want to drive right now! :/

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