Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Only Day

DAY 22!

Wednesday- only day with classes for me...for the whole week, since Monday & tues are holidays and ThFS are my off duty days.

After a 7am to 7pm class, a homework was assigned to me and is due the next day morning. I forgot that I don't have my laptop in the dorm...and that there is sooOoo SLooOOoow internet connection in such dorm.
Upon arriving at the dorm, i immediately borrowed my roommate's laptop to download a file.
My god! I waited for how many HOURS (8pm to 1am), used 2 different laptops & a desktop just download a single file, but what?? NOthing happened!
...until i already fell asleep. :(
(sad & mad)
*to be continued...

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