Friday, 24 August 2012

the Reunion

DAY 15!

It was a rainy and windy day! Yet, i have to go out to have my camera be repaired....
After it getting fixed, "i've connected the dots" and realized that maybe, the breaking down of my camera was something like of a blessing in disguise-- because in that camera repair shop, there's a person, his colleague, that conducts photography classes (which i am looking for as an enthusiast in photography)
Also, that shop sells cheaper accessories for camera. Which is something i like. :]

So after that moment, I headed to SM to see my friends and to watch the Reunion movie... 

outfit for the day...
right after watching the movie- which was so cooool! :D
i love Joax (Xian Lim) haha
the movie was fun itself plus the people who watched together with us made the viewing more fun! Kulit!

then next is dinner @ Mang Inasal (their favorite)

crazy people down the escalator

bitter 8
 trip trip moments while waiting for the food...

broken hearted @ 8

bitter @ 8


Delbert, Daryll, Alvin

Malone, Renz

it was so cold outside
we cant stay inside because we know we'd be very noisy

so much into the soup......


E.T. hehe

....bright lights here in the big city.... 
 that's it for tonight...

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