Sunday, 30 December 2012

Lugang Cafe

the Lugang Cafe located at the Mall of Asia.
this restaurant is very elegant! upon our entrance, i was so amazed for it's interior in WOW! full of mirrors, and the seats and tables are very stylish indeed :]

Lugang cafe renders Taiwanese cuisine, and the branch here in the Philippines was the first one  outside China :]

their menu looks so "sosyal" hehe
it even took us quite some time for us to give our orders...everything seems so yummy!
so hard to choose
because i want to taste all of it! :] 

i love the lights....bird cage-inspired

Xiao Long Bao

and for dessert!
the Bellagio Breeze!
another wow! haha
it's so tall! how can that thing be a dessert??

we were just staring at it as the waiter divides it haha
i can imagine our faces :]

*hey everyone!
guess what the Bellagio Breeze is made up of :]
(feel free to comment your answers below)
it was genuinely an exceptional experience!
in those hours (almost 2) of munching, i felt very delighted
then when we're out of the resto, i felt like "where was i awhile back??" hehe

try the Lugang cafe! it's extraordinary!

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Christmas in Manila

hi everyone!
how did you spend your Christmas vacation this year? :]
well mine, together with my family, we spent it in Manila...a different way this time

...on our way

yum! Pepper Lunch for lunch :]
@ Gateway

after a long walk in the mall,
tried experiencing the free ride offered as it roams around the mall
(don't know how it's called hehe) 

how about a nice body massage and spa plus a buffet dinner in Wensha
Spa after a long tiring day

the next day, we planned to go to the Manila Bay Cruise
unfortunately, it was close. it opens by afternoon
therefore, we just enjoyed taking photos at Baywalk
(reminds me of Singapore)    

then we headed to Mall of Asia (MOA) since it's just nearby
hmmm there was nothing planned for us to do that morning, giving us (my brother and I) a chance to watch The Hobbit on IMAX 3D! :]

hahaha! at last!
the Hobbit on IMAX theater!
our first time experience :D
well I can say, it was indeed better than the usual movie house
seems like you're really in the scene- it's so big! so wide!
even the seats are very comfy :]
thanks ma & pa for the treat! :] 

and at the end of the day, we spent the night before Chistmas at the grounds of MOA together with a lot of people
happy holidays! :]

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

spelunking at Callao cave

so here's another one...
just this November, since we're already in Cagayan Valley, we went to visit Callao Cave at Penablanca 

overlooking the Cagayan River

the start of trip- STAIRS :]

while taking a rest, the view? breathtaking! 

184 steps complete! whew..

the entrance

haha...Richard's just so funny
he's using the umbrella because..."it's raining"
(water from forest drips inside the cave)

the famous chapel inside the cave 


haay, MUDDY SHOES! tsk
well, it's worth it :]
i love the experience! :]
from the P15.00 entrance fee, you will have the chance of being inside this cave, enjoying the view, and even enhancing your skills in spelunking hehe
just in case you'd get the chance of visiting Cagayan valley, try going to their tourist spots :]


Saturday, 22 December 2012

Cagayan part II

Happy Holidays everyone!
have you decided to where will you be spending your Christmas days this year? :]

oh well... I just thought of sharing this blogpost with you guys
I just miss the our previous Christmas celebration.

Map of Cagayan showing the location of Santa Ana

and here it is, Sta. Ana, Cagayan, the northeastern-most part of the Philippines.
It may have been so far, but the place was so beautiful and peaceful.

Maybe you're thinking, "what's with the cars?"
well in this place, we have the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA), wherein Japan surplus cars are being imported- Port Irene.
that's why there are cars almost all over the place. I remembered of sharing this because we went back here last November, and I missed the feeling of being so overwhelmed by the vehicles surrounding the place. :]

sedan, van, luxury cars...your choice! i wish...

the Babuyan Channel

hey look! along the way. I saw this store haha
my nickname!!! :]
cool! :]

wherever you may be, enjoy the holidays and feel the spirit of Yuletide season! :]