Friday, 27 July 2012

Leisure time

Yeah! exam week is all done and it's party time!
I had a good sleep last night, restoring those sleepless times. And it's again our midterms for the semester. Time is just passing so fast...  

Here is my brother, Richard jr., whom it caught in our room taking pictures of himself. He's wearing these eyeglasses and helmet of my father. When I asked him of what he was doing, he answered, "the 1959 formula one drivers." He is a 14 year old autistic child actually, yet he's just so amazing for me. He really is into of whatever he wants, just like racing. He has photos of SBK racing, formula one, MotoGP, and a lot more! How I wish that he could watch a race or maybe even drive one.  :)

"1959 F1 drivers"
Speaking of racing......SPORTS, good luck to all athletes most especially the Filipino athletes in the 2012 Olympics in London! :)

*i want to drive right now! :/

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Sunny Mist

Busy busy busy.....'cause it's HELL week next week!
It's would already be our exams and I still don't know where to start. But of course I will always have time for this. haha :D

I wanted to take this photo on the open grounds but unfortunately it was drizzling, so it's here where we opt for.

scarf-Aldo, studded cream bracelet-MartinaMartina, sunnies-Penshoppe, shirt-Human, belt-Regatta, jeans-Levi's, flats-Nine west

thanks to my sisters for my lovely scarf! xoxo :D

haha I just love the drizzle!

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...and that's it for today! Thanks for reading my blog & hope you liked it!
It would be much appreciated if you'd leave a comment too :D

...and i better get serious now. STUDY TIME!
HAVE A GREAT DAY AHEAD! even though it's gloomy out there.

Monday, 16 July 2012


My special shirt was bought during the first day of July since that was Bestfriends Day!
I was with Jann Malone Murrell- my bestfriend! Actually there's nothing special with superman, my friend only hated Daniel Padilla (Batman), so in protest, he chose Superman. What are bestfriends for? I availed for one.

Superman shirt- SM dept store, denim jacket- Marithe Francois Girbaud, jeans- Levi's (thanks to my ate Jess!), platform shoes from So Fab! :]

Another blogin' day!
So I planned to wear my shirt topped with my extraordinary denim jacket, making the look a bit edgy. The whole outfit is almost dark in in its hues, making the inside shirt more vibrant.
The photos was taken again during our break, and thanks to my ever supportive friends- Novel Centino & Janika Robles for taking the photos of me. 

at the grounds of Saint Louis University, Baguio city

Janika.....looks like like a fan haha

Novel doesn't want to take a picture with me haha

Every dream is worth chasing for, just as a friend worth fighting for. For me, it has been proven already that no one can ever beat the record of a friend's ability to make you laugh, cry, go weird and crazy! It's only him or her that have the guts to tell you- "Ang taba mo nanaman; Di mo bagay yan gurl; you look stressed," and other stuff. This even includes his/her happiness with all the laughter in telling the bloopers of your life! Like when slipping on the floor/ down the stairs, hearing that you farted and a lot of embarrassments!  
Let us learn to treasure each one and not take anyone for granted. :D  

I miss my friends so much! Hope to see you soon!

I hope you enjoyed my blog! ...and just stand by coz there will be more to come! :D
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Monday, 9 July 2012

Nika with Love

And it's 7 o'clock in the evening, just right after our class. We planned to take some documentations first before heading to a restaurant for dinner.
my friend.....Janika Robles

outfit of the day!
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my new shoes i bought online

top- Bayo, maroon jeans-RRJ, shoes-Ichigo (via Zalora)

thanks to my mom for the bag! :] 

I suggested here in O' Mai Khan (upper session road) since it would be the first time of Nika to dine in here.
I felt her in! :D


After our very awesome dinner, we strolled down session road and had a hang out for a few minutes at Mister donut. 

And that ended our first night out together! I hope to post more of like this together with my other friends. :]
Hope you enjoyed it!\

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Sneak shots

photos taken by Janika Erika Robles

behind me at the lower floor was just our classroom
Ronnel Mejia- my classmate (-.-)


bag- Mulberry, jeans- Folded & Hung, platform shoes- So Fab!
I together with Janika Robles, friend and classmate, sneaked out the classroom for awhile while it's our break. Then my guy friend here asked for some shots- provided, then back to classroom once again!
Also, thanks to Inno Lloren for his cam that i borrowed. :]
Good day!
...and hope you enjoyed the blog.
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