Thursday, 9 August 2012

celebrate another year of happiness

Jackson (the birthday boy), me, Renz, Daryll, Alvin (noisy boy), Malone 
I watched (and had) a mini concert at SM ktv!
nakakahiya lang para sa mga nkakakita samin, coz it seemed like we owned the place haha
IT WAS A GREAT CRAZY DAY! even though the weather wasn't still that good

blurred photo taken by
im suppose to have this pic posted at lookbook....but is not worth it...hehe 

this was the concert im talking about...early loud noisy morning 

here is Malone with me (mah brothah from anothah mothah)

while waiting for the 5pm movie....Buko pie first! provided by Daryll from Isabela :]

i love this buko's so creamy i swear! the best G&B buko pie hehe. i hope Daryll will buy some again when he'll go back home haha (what are friends for....right?) :]

stayed at a corner for awhile...

yeah! STEP UP REVOLUTION courtesy of the birthday boy....well...

hangover pa sa Kettlecorn popcorn...

so windy and foggy!

THE MOBBERS- messing at the veranda

the dark knight rises!

last before heading home.....dinner at Pizza Hut

birthday surprise together with the Pizza hut staff 
Surprise! Happy birthday Jackson! (august 8)
he seemed to be surprised..i guess :D

Everybody had fun! starting from the our  ktv concert- pagkain ng buko pie habang tambay sa isang sulok- the awesome Step up revolution movie- kabaliwan strolling in the mall (like dancing crazily all by ourselves in the escalator and in the department store in tune with the music, with special mention of Malone and Alvin, seeing everybody staring and laughing at us haha) :D- up to the surprise birthday dinner. We may all got tired but it was worth it! :D
oh and before ending my day 2, included here is something special----MY FIRST BIRTHDAY GREETING! hehe (thank you so much!) :D

and that's it! Thank you for being a part of my adventure, if that's the right thing to call that, towards my turning 19.
I hope you enjoyed my blog for today...thanks!

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