Thursday, 16 August 2012



it was our hospital duty in the OB ward (where babies are brought to life :])
that was my first time once again to take care a pregnant woman after a long time.
so that night...i believe that i did
helped a total stranger by supporting her in her labor from 7pm to 12am...but it wasn't already at her side when she delivered her baby because we also have to go home and have some sleep hehe (naaah it was also due to lack of time.) The next day we arrived in the hospital, it's a good thing to know that she had a successful delivery. :D

It just feels so great to be a part of someone's life most especially to their special moments too! :D 


yeah! day 4 was just so great for me! FULLY LOADED indeed!
before 3pm: requirements first! we have a group work and we decided to meet at SM while waiting for the others, let's have some hot chocolate drink first :]

kuya darren and I arrived earlier in Sbucks, then when te Allerie came, we moved to food court
Catherine, Allerie, Darren, me! (L to R)
we moved here in food court after realizing that we seem not to have the right purpose to be in coffee shop hehe
my lunch- hot sweet & spicy shabu-shabu of Mr. Kimbob
my first time to taste this and it was good!
the sweetness from white onions tastes so well...and also, the serving was really a lot :]

3:04pm: i got late for our duty because we still finished our requirements. that time we were in SM and heavy traffic was ahead us...that's why we got late.

Then good vibes came after! during our shift, i assisted in one delivery -first time to assist in an actual delivery! :D
Also, at the end of our shift,  first time too to try to be in an ON CALL DUTY (that only means 16 hrs of duty- straight! 3-11 then 11-7 hehe)
to be continued on day 5!....(getting better!) :]


past 11pm: As long as i remember, i think 3 or 4 preggies got admitted and that means a lot! :D (big smiles on our faces- together with Ronnel, Darren, and Sabrina)
I assisted again in the delivery room since what happened was "double DR" (meaning, 2 pregnant women delivered their babies at the same time.) The atmosphere was so tense and everybody is so busy and "toxic" hehe...for those moments only
So after the delivery, the whole place was peaceful once again :D (kruu kruu kruu- crickets? if ever you know that :])

Day 4 & 5 was very memorable for me since i had 3 cases in a row! Newborn, circulating nurse, and an actual assist. Haay what a day! 
When we're about to god! we can't even carry ourselves....seems like we already have to crawl on our way home! Everybody was just so tired then.

Then at home....whew! knocked out to sleep!
I just woke up at 3pm of day 6. :]


Hmmmm nothing much on this day since I just slept for almost the whole day.
I went to mass at SLU chapel...then at least after the mass i met Gerard (my good friend and "Tay") and also Ron (friend :])
I had someone to talk to for awhile. :]

that night, my roommate Wendy told me that im "SEXY" hehe (I LIKED IT of course) haha
thanks Wendz! (tsk! didn't thought of taking a photo of myself then :/)

and that's it for Day 3 to 6! Hope you enjoyed it even though it was very much delayed. :]
___trudis with love!

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