Sunday, 19 August 2012

Make a wish come True

DAY 11

Hooray! we ended our duty at OB ward so well! :D
So happy with a lot of cases.

Hmmm but the highlight is.......(drumroll....)
lam ko na real name ng crush kong si "Tekken" haha at last!
Talaga nga namang pag merong hindi magandang nangyari, meron at merong papalit na maganda! :D
Eeee! pauwi na nga lang, nakangiti pa haha

I'd just insert this special event on DAY 11 which actually should have been in day 6. Nagkamali lang :]

So here is my special friend Janika Robles who asked us to grant her wish to eat shabu shabu.

Wish granted of course. We headed to SM together with Novel, Kisha and Justine.

by the way, sorry for the blurry photos, Nikki (my camera- from the root word Nikon haha) was broken and hadn't been fixed yet.. :/
Janika at Mini Shabu Shabu- SM 

She's so excited and she just can't hide it! 

the lovers- Kisha & Justine

Ahuh! plates of veggie and meat all around us

steamin' hot!

luto luto rin!

while breaking the egg....she was so tense. that's why she's that happy after hehe
there were more photos on Kisha's phone, yet hadn't been uploaded yet. :/
There you go! Janika Robles turning 18! and this is her wish.

It just feels so good that once again, you're a part of special someone's memorable part of life. :D

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