Saturday, 24 November 2012

Cagayan Day 1

OMG! i am so sorry for this very late post. This should have been posted in early November. soooooooo sooooooo busy that i cant finish this post. :/ 
very good morning + fast internet connection + not busy= BLOG POST!

Around 3am, off to Baguio city.
i was so not in the mood then. like di pa ako nakapag-empake and all in that morning na aalis na kami haaay
we're going to Cagayan Valley for the burial of our relative (my first time to far as i know)....kaya siguro wala ako sa mood kasi it's not for vacation haha (mean hehe) 

@ around at Ambuklao Dam (so cool! we're on top of the mountains!) 

hey look! as the sun is rising...saw the RAINBOW! ngayon nalang ako ulit nakakita after a long time
i feel like im so close to the rainbow :]

how does it feel to be in that spot of the mountain???


after a long and winding road....we reached Nueva Vizcaya, at last!

this photo looks so "countryside" style, especially the signage
yung tipong cowboys nalang ang kulang haha


richard....waiting for breakfast

my favorite! creamy G&B buko pie from Isabela! (if im not mistaken..)
yum yum! missing this right now

@ around 2:30pm- went to Our Lady of Piat church
now I remember where i've been in my childhood days
ito pala yung mga nasa pictures namin

pagpunta namin doon...sakto pang my kinakasal :D
nakakatuwa lang :D

im loving the design of the church. it was just a small church yet it looks amazing for me. Simply elegant!
exteriorly looks so vintage since it's just covered with bricks then at it's interior, the church has this gold details and it :] 

on what side do you prefer? the dark or the bright side? :]

here with Uncle Rocky, Ma, Pa, and Uncle Jun

we already reached Tuguegarao city, just a few hours we would already be in Alcala, our destination.


and we're home at last! what a tiring day. so as you can see here, as my brother lounged on the sofa, i noticed that he's "yellow team!"
i call him that whenever i see him wearing only one color haha
his attire even matches with the sofa and the curtains haha

enjoy the rest of the day everyone! :D
*i missed blogging*