Thursday, 20 September 2012

OMG!!!!! For Real?!

DAY 30!

Oh my! That day was full of extraordinary experiences! As in!
There were actually two special moments: the good and the not so good

First, that day, it would be my and our group's first ever exposure to Psychiatric ward!
We're just so happy to have that opportunity. :)
It was all mixed emotions! Scared. Nervous. Excited. Curious. And many more!
Actually, we have no idea on what's happening on that area in reality.
Our only reference...are those that we see on the tv. hehe

Initially, we had self-awareness. Of course, it's better to know our own self first before others, right?
After some time, we are getting more engrossed on psychiatry. It's just so amazing....even our instructor...she's AMAZING! haha

After lunch, we headed to the hospital.
Well, the place was not really how we imagined it. Not how we expected it to be. :/
So I believe, there's a lesson for that.
*What you see on tv, is not the same in reality.

Initial encounter with the patients...
Us: our usual way of interacting
Them: Ahhhh, I don't know what to say. Maybe it's where it differs.

To cut the psyche moments in short, it was sooo great! 
As a student nurse, it's one of the best clinical areas!
Kakaiba yung feeling na nasa loob ka nang isang ward kasama sila.
Meron yung iba, nakakatakot kausapin kasi di mo alam kung ano pwede nilang gawin;
sa isang tanong mo lang, isang kwento ang sagot niya; tas meron din namang, sa buong araw mo siyang kinakausap, isa lang ang maririnig mong salita.
Yung tipong kahit sa sarili mo, napapaisip ka rin for extreme possibilities haha.
Haaay life nga naman, weather weather lang talaga.   

And now we are at the second part of the day.
On our way home, I noticed that the paper bills in my wallet were in lessened!
Got bothered of course because the money was for my tuition. :(
When I was already in the dorm, i double checked by bag, thinking that I placed it somewhere else. But unfortunately, there's none!
Next, I opened my locker. There I found that the money I hid in between my clothes was also gone!
OMG! I don't even know what to do next after that moment. A LARGE sum of money was stolen from me! 
There in my bed, I cried so badly....
I know it's my fault but still I really was so mad at the place where i am staying.
Security is not even a guarantee.
It seemed that that night, I had a breakdown that I cant compose myself back. I wasn't even interested of waiting for the midnight for my birthday.

And there it is.
What a great day.
 If it was you, how would you feel if a great thing was stolen from you just the night before your birthday??
Kaya siguro in the past days...wala akong inaasahan sa birthday ko. Yung tipong wala lang, just an ordinary day. And it's all because something will happen.

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