Friday, 21 September 2012

Mukha ng Baguio

Right after seeing this, my enthusiasm to photography heightened once again. :]
I never thought that an activity like this would be made possible in the school of nursing. hehe  (no offense)
But still, I was very happy that an opportunity like this came to me for free! Thanks to ate Erika....and others :D

During the first day of workshop- Sept 8, I wasn't able to attend due to conflict of schedule (duty).
On the second day, I received a text message early that morning saying that the meeting place would be in Botanical Garden by 7am! Good thing I jogged that day- I woke up early.
It was already 8am when I arrived at Botanical Garden all by myself. Like I don't know what to do and where to go. It was my first time to go there! (poor me...taga-Baguio pa man ding naturingan huhu)
Anyway, after how many minutes of shyness, I planned to go near them, at last.
Ganun pala ang workshop...You take photos every now & then, then they will be discussing/ give more info about the camera, the photo, concepts, similarities and differences. Nice! Conducive to learning hehe  :]
pretty blue flowers with dewdrops

These were the flowers we first worked on. :D

Blur blur....
is it "BOKE??"...i forgot 

next, the Reflection :D

with sir Paul Domingo and ate Claui Sagibal
photo taken by ate Erika Ang

let's have some splash!

trial...hehe fail



photo taken by ate Erika

concept of sir Paul 

underexposure :]


companions- Cj Ramirez, MyGem Corpuz, Ann Bernadette & Frances Gines (L to R)

sir Peter Florendo & ate Claui
sir Peter brought us to this certain place. It's a Wall of Bottles!"
haha first time ko makakita nang ganto. Amazing! :D

Wall of Bottles

I have seen this piece of wood on the ground. It has nice prints. :]

Bloomy Yellow

Picture picture!

with Kevin Laranang, Paul Domingo, & Regina Labo


photo taken by sir Kevin Laranang

the Sun and the Flower

heading home!

But wait! There's more!

more textures.. :]

Regina Labo, Kevin Laranang, Ann Bernadette, Gubs Galicia, MyGem Corpuz, Blossom Manahan, Frances Gines, Lawrence Pila, Cj Ramirez, Claui Sagibal, Peter Florendo, Katherine Olpindo, Edwin Florendo, Erika Ang, Paul Domigo

And that was the workshop! :D
It was so fun. I learned new stuff. Tried new stuff. Seen and took great stuff!
Thanks to Mukha ng Baguio especially to ate Erika Ang. :D
thank you too to the School of Nursing.

I hope there will be more workshops to come (especially the free ones hehe)!

*By the way, what can you say to photos i took?? :]
pwede na ba?

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