Friday, 21 September 2012


Dahil off duty ako- meaning no classes for me, bumisita me sa school to see my friends. :D

my brothers- Joji & Malone
i hate the look....that they're doing....ish
merong 1hour and 30mins vacant si malone so we planned to go to the garden first....hang out for a while :] (i missed this! :])

photos taken with Photobooth

warp face!

After ng picture-taking, nanuod pa kami ng Friends with Benefits haha sa public place
although wala naman masyadong tao hehe, pero awkward

by 7pm... went out for dinner together with Joji. And he only chose KFC. Ok fine.
The dinner was my treat since my bday had just passed... sa KFC niya lang gusto eh :]

Dami naming napag-usapan ni bro! news man o chismis haha
Usap-usap din ng personal lives...

Sa tingin ko, maganda rin na hindi kami nagkikita ng friends ko araw-araw hehe...'cause I tend to miss them more! :D

But of course, let us always make time to have contact with our friends, right? Either through phone or meeting them personally once in a while. :]

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