Thursday, 20 September 2012

Daisy ladies

DAY 28!

Actually that day.....i feel quite blank on my upcoming birthday. Like no plans....and nothing at all. :(
While my friends and everyone around me was just so excited then!
....awkward :/

Well at least by that roommates cheered me up (unknowingly...)  :D 

She is my big sister Nina Laroco hehe :D
She have seen me checking my cam. was curious and got amazed :]
so the result was...."Ate tin pa-picture!"
me: speechless haha
Nina Laroco

with the stuffed toy- Cobalt

....lazy days
my roommates placed their mattress on the floor- what we call "latag" :D

Lou and Shai

Lou, Shai, Leslie, Kaneesah

Grace- the sleeping (snoring) beauty hehe
sleep well...
...sorry for the blur :/

Domo with missing teeth ahah

yeah! net shop on the floor!

pretty pretty!

PLUS! our favorite!

ta da!
Sky Flakes+ Nutella+ Stick-O= the CHOCOLATIEST EVER!!!

...sample shots taken by Nina

day chocolaty night!

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