Wednesday, 17 October 2012

sleepover @ Al's place

This day was fully loaded!

Starting from morning, 3-11 shift hospital duty...our last duty for the semester!
Then we headed to Mcdo Bonifacio for some celebration of Armeliz's incoming birthday by 12 midnight...
While the others went home already....I, Allery, Ronnel, Sonia, and DJ stayed for awhile in Al's car. :D (mga walang umuwi haha)
So, after how many story-telling moments in different places in Baguio haha, we decided to just stay in Al's place at Irisan (so layo....)
But that night, Bryle (not sure to spelling hehe) - Dj's friend, joined us....aaaaaah yah

ahuh! slumber party haha

Sonia- trying hard to sleep hehe

So much food that night! As in much much! :D
Random songs playing loud that night...!
Super happy moments!
...last but not the least, mas nakilala at mas na-appreciate namin ang isa't isa! :D

*looking forward to be complete with the whole B3 group!

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