Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Janica's Day!

It was Tuesday then, and ang aga kong nasa Baguio (coming from Philex), kasi this sembreak my work is taga-hatid kay brother sa kanyang school. Pahinga muna si mama...

Pagkatapos ihatid si brother sa school...i have nowhere to go!
yun ung nakakainis eh, at mas nakakapagod....yung walang mapuntahan, walang magawa, at walang makausap!

From SPED military cut-off, nilakad ko papuntang town haha (pampalipas oras). Then just headed to Jollibee...had pancakes and hot choco...

...just playing with the butter :]

...hmmm smells so good! hehe

vintage car

buti nalang my research groupmates called me to go to school. Sa wakas may makakausap din! that day was also Janica Bien's Birthday! so we enjoyed the day, having fun while doing research. :]

Off to Music Magic, session road! -a bar owned by our dear groupfriend- Allery :]
here we had our lunch. waiting for us is Kalderetang kambing! yum yum...

Janica the Birthday girl!

Allery the barista haha

Sarah, Ja, DJ

looking for the right mix??
para kanino nga ba?? :]

Ronnel here enjoying the lights, the bar, and Al's jacket...

 what we get what we smoke weeeeeeed...we're just having fuuuuuuun.....we don't care who seeeeeees... :]

rambutan for appetizer! :]

Allery's Special dessert! Papaya & banana drizzled with the chocolatiest chocolate ever!!!!! 


natawa ako nung nabasa ko to.....tsk tsk haha

joy ride na ang next...going to the different hospitals here in Baguio! (for our research) 
...buti nalang may car si Al, and the name is WIWEEW (daw)??
hehe.. :]

she is the driver...and will always be hehe
unless you provide us a matic :] ( diba Dj haha)

such a kiddo!
the stuffed toy is owned by Al. bodyguard sa car nya. gift ni mother niya.
the name is Bri'ney haha (silent "t")

at habang wala ako....kung maka-picture wagas!

Ta da! i'm such a good sister. :]
oh di ba? fetched brother after school :]

@ Baguio General Hospital...

whoo! carwash girl!

@ Philippine Military Academy (Fort Del Pilar Station Hospital)

ngayon nalang ako ulit nakapunta here. the last one was when I was in the 6th grade...
ang ganda pala....parang Subic lang din :]

Richard is enjoying! it's his first time here...

the chapel


and that's it!
another day is over...and we're going back to Philex again.
 Kahit papano, we're enjoying the sembreak... :]
Happy birthday ulit Ja!

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