Wednesday, 31 October 2012

PMA once again

this blog post was supposed to have been published before, but I only had this time to finish it hehe sorry
(just got home from vacation :]... i'll be posting some photos of our stay in Cagayan soon!)

these photos were taken in school....while waiting for time

the photo i like the most! :]
how bout you??

observe closely the next photos...see the difference

detailed motion of the water
like every drop is captured :]

smooth flow of the water :]

i was experimenting with the water of the seen in the above photos
I think i still need some practice on this hehe especially on the lighting...tsk tsk

vibrantly colored flowers that caught my eye

i saw this only flower on the ground :]

love this! :D

after some time of loneliness, i went to see my groupmates to do research again

on the way to PMA
(Philippine Military Academy)

siya na ang spotlight haha

mag-gagabi na...gumagala pa rin kami haha

by this time, we're already at Loakan Airport. and we decided to have a break first

eating pork and chicken isaw (intestines), and helmet (chicken head)

sarap ng kain ah haha

go sarah! :]


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