Monday, 22 October 2012

Research Bonding

tsk. almost everyday meeting. no more semBREAK for us huhu
buti nalang, masaya kasama ang mga groupmates ko! :D

while doing some paperworks and getting done with a project we would giving to a certain hospital (we're so bait! hehe)....

...hindi mawawala ang picture taking!


Jessa & Janica

si her lonely moments :(

April, Sarah, Sonia, Jessa, Janica, DJ

this is the project im talking about....just some numbers :]

so loving the new hairstyle of Ronnel :]

behind me is a happy lady :]

"bawat araw sinusundan...di ka naman tumitingin...anong aking dapat gawin???"

kakaiba talaga grupo namin. THE BEST haha!

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