Saturday, 2 June 2012

What seemed to be Real

Hi! I am Christine or Tin/ Tinay/ Trudis or Truday for short, an 18 year old student from the beautiful mountains of Benguet (Baguio city), Philippines- the "Summer Capital of Phil.," as what most people are familiar of. I actually grew up in the community of Philex Mines which is an hour ride from the city of Baguio. It was here where I studied from Kindergarten up to High school. It was an enjoyable childhood life for me living with simple people in this plain environment. Yet, I have to go to the city for college at SLU, meaning, new people, new surroundings, and even new way of life. Day after day, I got more curious on other's personalities and ways of living. Surfing the net actually had provided me answers to all my questions. Got amazed, and so, I had them to be my inspiration!

"I know there's something MORE than this. I just have to find where it is." :]  
"THINK BIG! Why just be a nurse if you know you can have your own hospital." from an old colleague 
"Why settle for LESS, when you can have the BEST!"  
 So much like a dreamer? I don’t think so, for I understand that what differentiates a dream from an achievement is the ACTION.  Make a step in order to get there.

My very first greatest ambition is to be a professional photographer. Seemed like I've developed an eye to see the beauty of light as I had also been exposed to photojournalism in my high school years.

I've been reading a photography book lately, unfortunately, still not done with it up to this time. I also read articles and watch videos if I have time, but how I wish, I could get to know someone who is indeed learned on such.

 Moreover, I got fond of reading and browsing magazines, especially Candy mag, and because of this, I was motivated of trying something new- to be more expressive through fashion and blogging. :]

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