Saturday, 16 June 2012

Hello everyone! How was your summer? Well for me, the two-week vacation was spend well as I, together with my family, had a trip in Subic and the rest of the days were the start of my bloggin' days. So it's June! which only means that it's the start of classes...once again.
Well here, I want to share with you what I had decided to wear on the first day of classes!
Of course, first day of classes only means----new stuff for school! Like notebooks, pens, bags, clothes, pair of shoes...anything! This reminds how I was in my elementary years, and indeed makes me laugh up to this time! :D
Stuff like I or maybe even you tend to patiently wait for the first day of classes/ birthday/ the first day of class after Christmas to wear the new shoes that my parents bought me last time. Ridiculous yet cute! :]
Also, let's not forget--- new classmates! Wherein some preparation is also needed haha. :D

Blazer- Maldita; Fringe; Bag- Steve Madden; Flats- Bayo

I chose to wear wear my new fringe necklace I bought online. It adds something more out of a simple tank+jeans outfit. Also, to keep me warm....a blazer on go.
Hope you liked it! And if you do...don't forget to HYPE it!  

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