Monday, 18 June 2012

Father's Day!

Richard Sr. & Jr. :]
(father & son bonding) 
Hi! Now is already two days after Father’s day, but still, I’m going to share with you how I and my family spent the entire Father’s day! Thank God that it was a sunny day despite the bad weather prediction because of the storm. Since it’s father’s day today, I’m in charge of the steering wheel, YES! From our place in Philex Mines to Baguio city, we travelled nearly an hour and that’s an achievement  for me! :]   from my previous record of 2-hour drive (my parents might get mad after knowing this hihi). 

Upon arrival in Baguio, we had our breakfast at Citylight Hotel- buffet style!

my brother

my mother

Papa (agent K is that you?  -MIB3) hehe

Attended holy Mass at Baguio Cathedral then we're off to SM and it’s lunch time again!

It’s Mini Shabu Shabu and it’s steaming in our place! This makes me perspire, cooking our own choice of shabu shabu. Noodles, balls, seafood, greens, corn, mushroom, beef strips in a chicken broth...and voila! What a very fun lunchtime!

Next is to movie house, yet it seems that father doesn’t want  to watch Kimmy Dora                     (so it’s 1 vs 3). Okay okay....SPECIAL FORCES.

After viewing it, WOW! It’s a touching movie. It fitted for the day’s event. The movie is about a rescue operation for a journalist kidnapped in Afghanistan. Every soldier is a hero doing everything they could just for the journalist to survive and be back to her place. 


Oh I’m proud to say that everything was my treat.....just for them! :]
Happy Father’s day to you Pa! 
Yesterday. Today. Everyday.

I love you and I’m so proud of you! (same with you Ma!) :] 

But of course, my outfit for the day!
A sheer top- Kamiseta, black jeans, brown wood wedges- Fossil

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THANKS & hope you enjoyed my blog. :]

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