Sunday, 30 December 2012

Lugang Cafe

the Lugang Cafe located at the Mall of Asia.
this restaurant is very elegant! upon our entrance, i was so amazed for it's interior in WOW! full of mirrors, and the seats and tables are very stylish indeed :]

Lugang cafe renders Taiwanese cuisine, and the branch here in the Philippines was the first one  outside China :]

their menu looks so "sosyal" hehe
it even took us quite some time for us to give our orders...everything seems so yummy!
so hard to choose
because i want to taste all of it! :] 

i love the lights....bird cage-inspired

Xiao Long Bao

and for dessert!
the Bellagio Breeze!
another wow! haha
it's so tall! how can that thing be a dessert??

we were just staring at it as the waiter divides it haha
i can imagine our faces :]

*hey everyone!
guess what the Bellagio Breeze is made up of :]
(feel free to comment your answers below)
it was genuinely an exceptional experience!
in those hours (almost 2) of munching, i felt very delighted
then when we're out of the resto, i felt like "where was i awhile back??" hehe

try the Lugang cafe! it's extraordinary!

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